Forest For Life

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Forest For Life is an informative website consisting of articles, blogs, and a game, all revolving around climate change with an emphasis on deforestation.

Please note that certain features are not fully functional as paid memberships would be required to enable features such as donating and contacting the admin team.

Running the Project

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Username: testuser

Password: testpasswordd

Please note that it is also possible to create your own account. A test user has been provided for users who would rather view the website without the need of creating an account.

Login Attempt Reset

Please note that for security reasons, users are locked out of their account after 3 failed attempts at logging in. If this situation was to occur, please note that the best way to reset account attempts would be to run the following command within the terminal:

python axes_reset

Contact Us Information

Please note that due to using a free SendGrid email hosting account, the contact us form is not fully functional. If the membership for the SendGrid email service was paid, the contact us form would be fully functional and allow users to enter their email, alongside their message and it would be sent to the admin team.

Donation Information

Similarly to the contact us feature, the donation feature utilises a free account with the service Stripe. As such, it is not possible to make a legitimate donation payment. If the paid membership was acquired for the service Stripe, users would be able to make payments.

Sonny's Forest

Sonny's Forest is a fun web game for 8-year-olds and older.

30 years in the future, with climate change ravaging the planet, Sonny makes a promise to try and replant the trees. Starting with one field, explore Sonny's Forest, fight the pollution, and collect seeds.

How to play: