Seeing The Finish Line

Hello again.

As I transition into the final stretch of my university journey, I’ve realised how fast the time has passed. The first semester of my final year could only be described as stressful, leaving me little time to update my blog as frequently as I had hoped. But now, with semester 1 concluded, I hope to reignite my blogging passion, starting with a reflective look at the past few months.

In this pivotal final year, I was given the opportunity to choose my modules, in which I aligned them with my deep interest in data. I opted for a strong focus on Data Analytics and Data Science, with subjects like Predictive Analytics, Computer Vision, AI, Data Visualisation, and Biomedical Data Analytics. These choices were chosen for both my passion for data, but also as a clear nod to my career aspirations.

Alongside the past semester focusing on absorbing knowledge; it was also about applying it. I delved into practical projects such as anomaly detection, data imputation, and machine learning. The highlight? A project on predicting dementia and Alzheimer’s severity using longitudinal patient records. This project, combining both my interests in data analytics and biomedical genetics, was particularly close to my heart. You can see more about it here.

Now, as semester 1 concludes, I’m preparing for my dissertation – a bittersweet realisation that it’s my final university project. Unlike previous times where I juggled multiple tasks, this project allows me to channel my efforts into a singular focus, reminiscent of my group project, 'Forest For Life', two years ago.

Despite the stress, the first semester was full of learning and experiences. It honed my skills in critical areas like anomaly detection and data prediction and allowed me to engage in fascinating projects. I’m confident that these experiences have equipped me well for my dissertation and, beyond that, for the real-world challenges in a future data-centric career.

I’m excited for the final lap of this academic journey and the road ahead.

- Nathan