I am a recent graduate of Newcastle University, having completed my undergraduate degree in Computer Science with Industrial Placement, and I am proud to have been awarded a First. This achievement marks the culmination of years of dedication and hard work, blending academic study with practical industry experience.

My academic journey was enriched by a highly rewarding year in industry as an Associate Developer at Apexon (Sunderland, UK), where I was honoured with a prestigious company award. This invaluable industry exposure complemented my academic endeavours, providing real-world insights into software development and enhancing my skill set in technologies such as C# and Excel.

In my final year, I delved deeper into my passion for data, focusing on areas like Predictive Analytics, Computer Vision, AI, Data Visualisation, and Biomedical Data Analytics. My dissertation, titled "Performance of Feature Selection Methods in The Prediction of Knee Osteoarthritis Structural Progression," earned a grade of 76%. In this project, I developed and compared five machine learning models using distinct feature selection strategies to predict structural disease progression in knee osteoarthritis. The aim was to improve clinical trial precision by enhancing model interpretability and predictive performance, thereby aiding the NHS in crucial clinical trials and new drug/treatment discoveries.

Alongside my academic and professional pursuits, I lead an active lifestyle, training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and triathlons. I often train BJJ over five days a week and actively compete in the sport. Additionally, I am an enthusiastic reader, aiming to read 24 books this year, feeding my ever-growing curiosity and diverse interests.

As I look forward to celebrating my achievements at my graduation ceremony, I am excited about the opportunities ahead. I am eager to transition into a transformative data-centric role, where I can apply my expanding skill set in a dynamic and challenging environment. The journey has just begun, and I am enthusiastic about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, ready to apply my knowledge and continue growing professionally.

About Site

This website is intended to showcase a collection of projects, thoughts, and a record of personal development. I will use this website to document my journey throughout my academic years and the steps I take toward my goal of joining the world of work, in a data-centric role.